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5 Delicious and Fast Keto Food Delivery Services


Diets are a dime a dozen and many pass out of public interest as quickly as they came. The Keto diet, however, was no flash in the pan. Promising fast weight loss, trim waistlines, improved mental clarity, and elevated energy levels, all while encouraging the generous consumption of bacon, cheese, and cream, it’s no wonder that the diet is so popular.

No tedious bran cereals, all the fat you could want, and it ‘turns back the clock,’ as followers of the diet rave. What’s not to love? Easy: the meal prep.

While the ketogenic diet encourages enjoying high fat foods, that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. There are so many foods that the diet excludes and desk lunch staples, like turkey sandwiches and cups of noodles, are solidly on the ‘out’ list. It’s all fine and dandy for full time Influencers and others who can spend most of the day at home, with access to a full kitchen, but what about those of us with desk jobs? For working keto dieters, keto food delivery services are a lifesaver.

Kettlebell Kitchen

As you might have guessed from its name, this delivery service caters to gym buffs and athletes. Meal plans are designed by professional nutritionists and tailored to different needs. Whether you are slimming down, bulking up, or preparing to run a marathon, Kettlebell Kitchen has a meal plan for you. Their meal plans include Complete Keto, Vegetarian, Whole30, Pure Paleo, and Flexitarian. Meals are also free from dairy, soy, and artificial sweeteners.

Green Chef

If you love to cook, but dread meal-planning, recipe-hunting, and grocery shopping, then you might want to try Green Chef. This meal kit subscription service offers a wide variety of meal plans, catering to Keto, Paleo, balanced, and plant-based eating. All you have to do is sign up and wait for your weekly delivery of premium and organic ingredients, signature sauces, and easy-to-follow recipes. 

Keto Fridge

This keto food delivery system boasts keto meals containing 75% fat,  20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. Their menu changes weekly, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of healthy and keto-friendly meals. Aside from meals, Keto Fridge also offers keto-approved snacks and sweets, including cakes, cookies, muffins, scones, and more.

Ketoned Bodies

Ketoned Bodies is for the dieter who’s as concerned with the health of the planet as they are with their own. The service prides itself on its 100% grass-fed and pastured meats, organic produce, and sustainable and ethically-prepared meals. They do not use gluten, added or refined sugar, preservatives, canola or other vegetable oils, and factory-farmed or grain-fed meats. 


If you need food for a team, this delivery service is perfect for you. Forkable is an automated lunch delivery service that uses AI and machine learning to deliver individual, customized lunches from local restaurants to employees, right in the office. Because of the service’s high degree of customizability by user, it’s a great fit for teams where some members follow the Keto diet. Dieters can set their meal preferences during onboarding and enjoy Keto-friendly lunches selected by Forkable’s lunchbot every time the team has a lunch. Want to take the day off from the diet? The individual is always able to change their order from the algorithm’s suggestion through their personal account.

Do you have dieters on your team, or just want to give your team the flexibility to diet if they so desire? Try Forkable for a week or two, no commitment required.

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