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Individual Meals,
Automated for Big Teams.

Custom, individually-packaged team lunches from your favorite restaurants. The highest rated corporate catering & office lunch delivery service. Scalable to 1000s of employees.

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Easily onboard your teammates in just a few clicks!

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Likes & Dislikes
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Share Your Tastes

Love salad? Avoid gluten? Teammates share their preferences directly with Forkable.


Lunch Happens Like Magic

Skip searching for restaurants, sharing links, and hustling teammates to order. Forkable automates everything.


Change or Customize

If a selection isn’t perfect, teammates can choose their own meal from multiple restaurants.

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Forkable fits every taste

Order From Up To 10 Restaurants Daily

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forkable fits every taste

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Forkable fits any budget

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Level up automation


Automate More with Integrations

Use the Okta or Rippling integration to automate the creation and removal of members. Enhance security and convenience with SSO login.

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Do It All, Where You Work

Order, track, and rate your meal, all within Slack.

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  • toyota

    Food quality is much better than Eat Club. I loved it!

    Tomomi - Silicon Valley
  • clover

    To give you an idea of how happy we are:

    'Just wanted to quickly say that the food quality from Forkable is WAYYY better than Eat Club. Like a million times better. Haven't even dreamed of switching back to Eat Club and I seriously hope I never have to. Thanks for making Forkable happen!'

    It's an email I got back from an employee. :)

    Vlada - Silicon Valley
  • comprehend

    I’ve never seen a group of adults get so excited about lunch delivery...

    Lauren - Silicon Valley
  • sidekiicks

    We used to overestimate the amount of food we needed, and now we get just the right amount, greatly reducing the amount of wasted food. Not to mention the significant cost reduction! Thanks Forkable, for your great service!

    Maria - Boston
  • zenysis

    You all are doing something amazing. Office lunch was a huge headache before and you've somehow solved it. No dropped orders, lunch always shows up on-time or even early, couriers always find us, good variety & quality of food choices. Thanks!

    Ian - San Francisco
  • zoomdata

    You’ve Won Us Over — Hi Forkable. We've been using EatClub for almost 2 years and are switching to Forkable.

    Robyn - Silicon Valley
  • inkling

    The people are happy and the boss is too because our team of 70 people is saving over $76,000 annually by using Forkable.

    John - San Francisco
  • innopeaktechnology

    Automatic ordering is an excellent idea + Quality and quantity of food exceeds that of previous service, Eat Club.

    Brian - Silicon Valley
  • styra

    We used Eat Club before, and food delivered from Forkable is much fresher and the options are better.

    Cecily - San francisco
  • openinvest

    When our team expanded and we moved into a new office, we first tried Caviar, but people would forget to order, or I'd forget to actually submit the order, or something else would just go wrong and we ended up having to run out and get lunch anyway. With Forkable, everyone's happy. People are genuinely pretty impressed with how good Forkable's suggestions are for each person's preferences. It satisfies the people who think about food all the time and it satisfies the people who would rather get it all out of the way in 5 minutes each Friday. It takes virtually no time at all and we've stayed under our budget far better than we did with Caviar (when we often went over.) Our account manager has been responsive and helpful in solving small needs and answering questions. We'll definitely be recommending Forkable to other small teams.

    Sophie - San Francisco
  • brightcove

    We use Forkable at the Brightcove San Francisco office and I want to tell you how much it rocks and how much I value what you're doing. As an executive, my time is spent meeting customers, planning the future with our team, speaking to the press and analysts, evaluating partnerships, and on and on. Eating often comes last. And thinking about what to eat actually takes time, TOO much time. Forkable removes the tax of figuring out what to eat and makes sure that delicious lunch happens when business demands take priority. I'm a picky eater and can't tell you how much I appreciate your AI in ordering my meals. Oftentimes I don't have a chance to look ahead at what's coming and am delighted by your automatic selections. You should know that you're onto something. I haven't been this delighted by a company in a while. Keep at it!

    Caren - San Francisco
  • sonder


    Christina - San Francisco

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More reasons to Love Forkable


Green Packaging

Forkable works with local restaurants to provide affordable, compostable packaging. We're making it simple to transition restaurants to fully sustainable containers.


Save Money and The Planet

In the US, up to 40% of the food that is produced every year goes wasted. Forkable cuts down food waste and costs by adjusting orders to daily headcount.


Forkable on a Mission

Forkable On A Mission (FOAM) works with organizations to provide free meals to those in need.