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Forkable coordinates lunch delivery from restaurants to offices.

  • There is a 2 hour delivery period: Mon - Fri: 10:45 am to 12:45 pm (~2 hours). No weekends.
  • Pay is per delivery route which is typically done in 2 hours or less.
  • Payment is sent weekly via direct deposit.
  • Schedule your delivery routes each Thursday the week before deliveries.

Sign up to deliver here.

After signing up, you can schedule a paid, in-person, coaching session. You must also complete a background check.

Verify your bank account to receive payments.

1. Enter Account and Routing number into your Driver Portal.
2. IMPORTANT: Check that account information is correct. Deposits and payments cannot be sent if incorrect information is entered.
3. In 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri), check your bank account for 2 small deposits from THE KITCHENS INC. (Example: $0.02; $0.17).
4. Enter deposit amounts in your Driver Portal to complete verification and enable payments.
5. After bank account verification, all pending payments will be sent on the upcoming Friday.


If you have not received your deposits after 3 days of entering your bank account, the bank account info was likely entered incorrectly. Reach out to us here for further assistance.

You must set up and verify your bank account here to receive payment.

  • Payment is sent weekly on Friday afternoon.
  • Funds typically arrive in your bank account 1-2 business days after being sent (Monday / Tuesday).
  • You will receive a weekly statement with your payment details. Search your email inbox for: Forkable Courier Statement

Confirm here that your bank account is set up and verified.

If you believe there was a mistake, report the payment error here.

After you sign up and have a phone call, you will receive an email invitation to set up your Driver Account.

Search your email inbox for: Setup your Forkable Delivery Account

Access to the Onfleet Driver mobile app is by invitation only. There is no other Forkable mobile app to download.

After your phone call, a link to download Onfleet will be sent to you via text message. Tap the link to download Onfleet from the app store and use the temporary password to log in for the first time. Afterward, you will be asked to set a new, permanent password.

Please review your texts for a message from OnFleet. The OnFleet text message will come from OnFleet directly and is a different phone number than Forkable. You can also download the OnFleet app here:, but you will still need the temporary password in the text message to sign up.

You must complete onboarding and the background check to start scheduling routes.

Each Thursday, based on available delivery routes, select and confirm your routes for the upcoming week via text.

  • Pickups and deliveries may take place in all areas of the market.

IMPORTANT: Only confirm a delivery route if you are confident you can complete it. If there is a significant chance you won’t be available to provide delivery services on a particular day, please don’t accept the route. We will stop working with you if you cancel a confirmed route at the last minute.

Schedule delivery bag pickup here.