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Hacking Office Lunch Catering in San Francisco

It isn’t just the product-market fit a startup achieves that decides whether or not a company becomes a success. It’s the team. To be the best, you have to have the best working for you. The innovators. The builders. The employees who are passionate, dedicated, skilled, and collaborative. How do you get those employees, and retain them? Office lunch catering in San Francisco might just be your secret sauce for success.

The valuable employees with the sorts of qualities that will drive your company forward are in high demand. They’re as valuable to your competition as they are to you, and you’re not competing against just other startups to have them on your team. You’re competing against Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter – companies with huge budgets and the sort of employer prestige that adds real heft to a resume. 

So how do you compete? This is where office lunch catering in San Francisco comes in. Free food is a tried and true office perk. It was effective since before office kombucha on tap was a thing and it will still be effective when drinking fizzy slime at work isn’t appealing anymore. The big guys and the underdogs alike offer it, but exactly how effective the companies that provide office lunch catering in San Francisco is really hit or miss.

As a startup with a smaller budget than the Googles and Facebooks out there, you can’t afford to offer every single perk in the book and hope some of them hit the mark. Since you can only offer a few office perks, you need to make maximum impact with what you have. But optimizing isn’t enough of a startup’s strength, and you have a secret weapon on your side: Forkable. With Forkable you can ensure that your team is so wowed with how you’ve crushed the lunch game that they aren’t even thinking about what the other guy’s office perks are. 

Forkable creates a bespoke lunch experience for each and every individual on your team, while requiring none of your office manager’s time for oversight. Every member of the team has an individual eater profile, with all their dietary preferences and needs. Sue has an allergy to shellfish, Tom only eats red and green foods, and Vishal is on a dairy-free keto diet this week and a high-fiber vegan diet next – got it. Our lunchbot takes those preferences and matches them with highly rated meals from popular local restaurants, but leaves final veto power to the individual. It’s custom, it’s seamless, it’s all delivered at the same time by highly-skilled and always professional couriers. Want to see where lunch is? Track your office lunch catering order in real time, watching your driver move through traffic from the restaurants to you. 

Forkable works with your budget to deliver office lunch catering in San Francisco that’ll wow your team without eating into your bottom line. If you’re efficiency-driven, retention-focused, and on your way to being the next unicorn startup to revolutionize the world, Forkable is the only logical choice for your team.

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