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Here’s how one company is saving $76,000 annually with Forkable.

Reduce office lunch costs

Forkable is helping Inkling save $76,000 annually by cutting down on food waste — and they’re not alone! Lots of companies are significantly decreasing their food costs by switching from family-style catering to individual meals.

Gone are the days of seeing chafing dishes full of food get thrown in the trash. Now we have nicely packaged meals that we can take home for leftovers that we actually want to eat.

Inkling, San Francisco

Here are a few of the ways that companies like Inkling are saving money by switching to an automated, individual meal program, like Forkable.

1. Cutting Down on Food Waste

In the US, up to 40% of the food that is produced every year goes wasted. With sick days, travel, work from home, and holidays — predicting headcount is already very hard. Over the coming year, it will get even harder. With Forkable, orders automatically scale to match who is coming into the office each day, cutting down on food waste and costs.

2. Flexible Allowance 

Forkable fits any budget. Using Forkable’s co-pay feature, companies are controlling costs by giving employees a daily allowance. If employees want to order a more expensive meal, they can add a card and pay for any overages that go above the company’s allowance.

3. Saving Time

Time is money! Before the days of automation, we just accepted that coordinating office meals took time and effort. Lunch organizers are now forgoing approving catering menus and balancing employee diets and opting to let Forkable auto select lunches based on individual preferences. Employees can override Forkable’s selection if desired.

There will always be certain instances where family-style catering still makes sense. But with the future of work and more flexible schedules, individual meals are quickly becoming the default option for office lunch. Learn more about the benefits of Forkable VS Catering here.

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