Simplifying Office Lunch Catering for Large Teams

Office lunches are great for companies. They’re terrible for office managers.

Eating together brings teams closer together, creates opportunity for relationship building, encourages interdepartmental collaboration, promotes healthy habits that lead to healthy teams, and is the most efficient form of team bonding.

Your team has to eat anyway, so why not strengthen their connection to the company on their break? Forget ping pong tables and kombucha on tap, free food is a tried and true way to make people happy. 

Everyone, that is, except the person in charge of organizing the meal. Especially for office managers of large, diverse teams, as is often the case with office lunch catering in San Francisco, making the magic happen can be an arduous process. 

First, lunch organizers have to gather the dietary needs and preferences of their teams. Keep in mind, these preferences likely look a lot different in early January than in February, when New Year’s resolutions start cracking. It’ll be the job of the office manager to update accordingly when employees decide that Whole 30 is out and winter comfort foods are in.

Once food preferences have been gathered, the office manager will have to sift through hundreds of venues to try to figure out which ones can reliably handle their orders, both in terms of punctuality and order accuracy. 

Then they have to refine that list further to exclude any venues that don’t provide enough variety to meet the dietary needs of everyone on their team. That’s no small feat when you’re considering a team composed of people on vegan, keto, dairy-free, nut-free, nightshade-free, high fiber, whole foods, low carb high fat, high carb low fat, and shellfish-free diets. 

It’s a lot of coordination, a lot of time spent that could have been used for other work, and plenty of potential for dropping the ball and disappointing someone.

But your company could really use those team lunch benefits. It’s a competitive landscape out there, with many teams all vying for the same top talent, so you need every competitive edge you can get over those who want to hire away your best employees. Fortunately, office lunch catering in San Francisco can be as easy as a click of a mouse. At Forkable, we use machine learning to revolutionize lunchtime.

No more keeping track of dietary needs and preferences. Every member of your team has a personalized profile that tells our lunch bot what they like and don’t like.

No more agonizing over restaurant selection. Our algorithm matches your team with top local restaurants that suit everyone’s needs.

No more reminding everyone to get their orders in on time. Our system will prompt them to add a missing order, and have a personalized backup selection ready if they forget.

No more liaising with restaurants and couriers. We handle everything, with a team of tech-assisted humans ready to deal with any snags that may come up from restaurant complications or traffic problems.

It’s lunch, automated. For office lunch catering in San Francisco and other major metro areas, look no further than Forkable.

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