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How Automating Office Lunch Can Boost Productivity


Office lunch is a hot topic. It has the potential to be a delicious part of the workday, but it also has the potential to be a real headache for whoever is in charge of organizing it. People are particular about what they eat!

Deciding where to order from, hunting down individual orders, and tracking down late delivery people can be a tedious and unrewarding task. Fortunately, it’s no longer one that anyone has to do.

When admins organize office lunches, they have to go through a series of steps:

  1. Create a running list of restaurants and caterers.
  2. Identify a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced caterer or restaurant.
  3. Take individual and team orders and note food preferences.
  4. Decide whether to order individual boxed lunches or offer a buffet lunch where everyone makes their own plate.
  5. Call the caterer or restaurant to place the order.
  6. Wait for the orders to come in.
  7. If serving individual lunch boxes, segregate boxes and deliver to teams. If using office catering, set up the spread at the office cafeteria.

Automation can eliminate every single one of these steps for admins.

Automated lunch services, like Forkable, have used machine learning to revolutionize office group lunches. Forkable works with over a thousand popular restaurant chains and unique local favorites. In addition to providing your team with access to that great food variety, here are some other ways Forkable helps companies save time and money while simultaneously optimizing employee lunch experiences.

Office admins are relieved of the office group lunch headache. Gone are the days of office admins spending hours coordinating with employees, collecting orders, calling restaurants, and making sure each order is delivered correctly. Forkable eliminates this work for admins, giving them time back to invest in more productive activities.

Good food excites employees. While perks won’t make or break a job for most people, those little things can help set the tone for either a really positive work environment or a dreary one. Give your employees as many reasons as possible to be excited to go into work every day – a delicious lunch is a universal pleaser.

Employees save time. Leaving the office to get food or organizing a shared cart every day to order lunch can take up productive hours. Forkable addresses this, giving employees the pleasure of spending their lunch breaks just savoring their food and their office hours just on production.

Employees eat good food. By using automation to weed out venues with low ratings and bad reviews, Forkable ensures that it only works with top quality restaurants. This makes it easier for employees to make healthy office lunch choices every day. When employees eat healthier lunches, it not only creates an office culture of health and wellness but also fuels employees’ productivity.

Want to leave lunchtime tedium behind? Try Forkable today, commitment-free.

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