The Best Ideas for Your Next Employee Appreciation Lunch

Acknowledgment bolsters effort. If you want a workplace with high morale, full of happy employees, you need to show your team that you appreciate their hard work. When employees feel acknowledged and valued, they are more connected to the company, their team, and the work that they do. 

There are a lot of different ways to show your employees that they’re valued, with food leading as one of the tried and true classics. Nothing like seeing the words “appreciation” and “lunch” in the email subject line to get psyched for the workday, am I right? Employee appreciation lunches are a great way to cultivate a culture of community and respect in the workplace. 

Planning an appreciation lunch doesn’t need to be tedious and time-consuming. With automated lunch services, like Forkable, lunch-planning is a breeze. Forkable is an automated lunch food delivery system that uses AI and machine learning to deliver individual and customized lunches to employees from the best local restaurants. 

When organizing an appreciation lunch, there are a number of things to consider. Here’s how Forkable checks off each one.

Every individual preference must be catered to. Almost always, those who have dietary restrictions and preferences have very limited choices during catered lunches. If you’re hosting an employee appreciation lunch, the last thing you want is to make employees feel like their needs are being neglected. 

You want to make sure that the vegan employee gets the best vegan meal possible and not just the sad vegetable medley sitting on the end of the buffet spread. You want to make sure that the paleo employee isn’t stuck munching on undressed lettuce and dry chicken. You want to make sure there’s enough food for the employee who arrives last at lunch, but also not so much that you’re throwing trays of food at the end of the meal.

With Forkable, employees add preferences and restrictions to their custom profiles. The lunchbot then automatically selects individual meals using the information supplied, but leaves the final say to the employee. If they want to change their order, they can do so as they see fit. 

The food must be delicious. It’s an appreciation lunch, after all, so better make sure that the food served is good. With Forkable, you can rest assured that everyone enjoys food from top-rated places in your city. Forkable’s system weeds out restaurants with low ratings and bad reviews, so only the best is served to your team. As members, employees can also post their own reviews of restaurants, giving Forkable’s lunchbot more information to work with. Forkable works with over a thousand popular restaurants and local favorites, so employees have a wide array of choices for this special lunch. 

The appreciation lunch doesn’t have to be just eating. You want to sneak in a few activities during this special lunch, so you don’t want to have your employees spend thirty minutes making their plates. In a buffet-style catered lunch, employees spend a good part of their lunch time standing in line to get food. Forkable addresses this concern by delivering the food all individually packaged and labeled. All the admin has to do is distribute the meals to teams and get them to each individual. You can use that extra time that you win for games, giving out special awards, short speeches, and personal thank yous. 

If you want to show your team that they’re appreciated, Forkable is the answer. Give it a try now!

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