Healthy Food Delivery Options for Millennials

Millennials are both the largest generation of Americans and the one with the greatest influence on modern work culture. They have changed, and continue to the change, the landscape of many industries, including the food industry. Favoring automating tedious tasks and investing their time in creative endeavors instead, millennials are three times more likely to order food delivery than their grandparents.

Alex K

5 Delicious and Fast Keto Food Delivery Services

Diets are a dime a dozen and many pass out of public interest as quickly as they came. The Keto diet, however, was no flash in the pan. Promising fast weight loss, trim waistlines, improved mental clarity, and elevated energy levels, all while encouraging the generous consumption of bacon, cheese, and cream, it’s no wonder that the diet is so popular.

Nick N

5 Myths About Corporate Lunch Catering

The food sector continues to evolve as advancing technology offers new opportunities for growth and innovation. The incorporation of automation and digitalization into the operations of food businesses has changed the game for everything from grocery shopping to dining out.

Alex K