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Healthy Office Lunch Idea that Caters to Everyone


Office lunches are a great way to build relationships at the office, boost morale, and keep your team productive and happy. That said, employees’ varied diets and diverse food preferences can make planning a healthy office lunch a logistical nightmare.

On-demand food delivery systems are good for getting dinner when you’re home alone on a Tuesday night, but aren’t well-designed for group ordering. First you have to saddle some unlucky fellow with the duty of coordinating lunch. Then they have to waste anywhere from fifteen minutes to multiple hours, depending on group size, picking a restaurant everyone can agree on, creating a link for a shared cart, and hunting down everyone’s individual orders. By the time the food finally arrives, you’ve soured that poor coworker on office lunches forever. Yikes.

Since ordering individual meals for a group is a headache, you might think that a traditional buffet lunch is the best solution. Sure, getting a traditional caterer means everyone can make their own plate and no one has to gather orders. That’s great, but what if people don’t like what’s on the menu? They’re left with grumbling stomachs and you’re left with half-full food trays – food waste and wasted money.

Buffet catering is particularly tricky if you have vegans, vegetarians, pescaterians, gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat, or just generally picky eaters on your team. Ordering for conflicting diets is tough when you can only choose so many different dishes. Alternately, everyone likes the same few things, so your employees race to line up for lunch everyday and compete for the best food. Those who are stuck in meetings or finishing up a project are stuck with the picked over remains of what was a good lunch once.

Don’t settle for either of these flawed choices. Forkable is the office lunch solution your team deserves.

Automation.  Forkable learns your team’s preferences and automatically selects the best restaurants for your needs, while ensuring quality, consistency, and reliability. No setting a menu with a caterer, no thinking about headcount, allergies, or dietary preferences, and no hounding people for their orders. Get healthy office lunches on autopilot.

Individual meals. Everyone gets exactly what they want every time. Orders scale daily to match the number of employees in the office for lunch, reducing food waste and lunch spending.

Customization. Don’t like cilantro? Hold the mustard? Add steak and avocado? With Forkable, you can customize meals to your heart’s desire.

Variety.  Forkable works with thousands of restaurants, from well known national chains to local mom and pop shops. New restaurants are added every week and the lunchbot nixes any venue that receives low ratings from users.

Stop settling when it comes to lunch. Forkable is here to make lunch enjoyable again.

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