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5 Reasons To Opt for Automated Lunch Services For Office Lunch Meetings


Lunch meetings are everyone’s favorite kind of meeting, because food makes everything better. That is, unless you’re the admin in charge of planning it. Deciding where to order from and what to order is harder than ever, given all the different allergies, intolerances, diets, and food preferences we have to.

Low carb high fat, high carb low fat, only plant foods, nothing but animals, lactose intolerance, nut allergies, no nightshades – when you’re trying to feed a large team with conflicting needs, making everyone happy can feel like an impossible task.

It’s not impossible, but it is time-consuming – so let a robot do it for you. Forkable, an intelligent lunch service, automatically coordinates lunch, saving admins time and effort, saving companies money, and ensuring all lunch meeting attendees get exactly the meal that that they want. Everyone wins.

Easing the burden on admins and improving order efficiency isn’t the only reason why you should try automating lunch for your next office lunch meeting. Here are a few more reasons!

1. It offers guests and clients a unique experience

Everyone has had a traditional buffet-style catering lunch at a previous office meeting. To make your meeting stand out, offer guests, clients, and other meeting attendees the power to order whatever they want through their own Forkable account.

If the lunch meeting is with a prospective client, having automated lunch ordering gives the impression that you’re a cool, modern company that’s embracing technology, open-minded about new solutions, and ready to adapt to a quickly changing work landscape. Little things like this can earn your team a few extra points when you’re trying to win a new client! It’s also a great conversation starter, allowing you to kick the meeting off on a casual, conversational note.

2. It allows admin staff to focus on more important tasks

Automating lunch eliminates the time and hassle of planning meals for admins. With Forkable, everyone gets the meal they wanted and the admin gets hours of their day back. Let your admins focus on more profitable tasks, and leave lunch ordering to our lunchbot.

3. It can be used for any group meeting of 4 or more

You can use Forkable to organize lunch for any group of four or more. Whether it’s a small team huddle, a board meeting, a company-wide townhall meeting, an automated lunch service is the best way to order food for a group. 

4. It allows customization

With Forkable, every individual can customize their profile and and tell the lunchbot what they like, as well as what dietary restrictions they have. Forkable then automatically selects individual meals based on those preferences, but the individual retains the final say. Want something other than what the lunchbot recommended? It just takes a click to change an order. We optimize optionality!

5. It saves the company money

It’s easy to over order with traditional buffet style catering, especially if people don’t like what’s on the menu. Leftovers aren’t just wasted food, they’re also wasted budget. With individual meals, only people who want food get food and they control how much food they want, so you don’t end up with too much or little food. No food waste, no unnecessary expenses一 it’s a more environmentally friendly and less expensive option.

Whether you want to make your employees’ day, save your admins time, impress your lunch meeting attendees, do your part for the environment, or just improve your lunch spending efficiency, Forkable is the way to do it. Try Forkable, commitment-free, today.

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