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How Forkable Helps Maintain a Healthy Office Lunch Habit


Forget freshman 15 – the real occupational danger to our health only begins after graduation. Long days in the office, sitting in front of a computer for hours and subsisting on rushed lunches of fast, convenience foods, can lead to weight gain, depressed immune system and mood, and burn out, among other problems.

It’s bad for us and, in turn, bad for the companies we work for. Sick employees are expensive employees, in lost productivity, increased sick days, and increased employee turnover.

Fortunately, there are things that can be done to prevent this costly outcome. Employers can exert a positive influence on employees’ health by providing nutritious lunches that’ll help keep them energetic and well. With the machine learning and technology industry’s accelerating growth, there are now smart automated solutions that make it easier for employers to promote health and wellness in the workplace, and make it easier for workers to make healthier food choices. Forkable, the leading automated lunch service for offices, makes healthy office lunch habits easy and delicious. Here’s how:

No more impulsive food choices. When you hunger strikes when you’re busy, it’s easy to make an impulse decision and choose unhealthy, indulgent food. Forkable allows you to plan your meals a week in advance. You can choose to have Forkable’s lunch bot choose healthy meals for you or you can select your lunches yourself. You always have the option to change things up throughout the week if your preferences change, but not needing to make hurried last minute choices makes it easier to make good decisions.

Forkable’s algorithm constantly curates lists of only the best restaurants in your city and allows only menu items with high user ratings onto the platform. This ensures that all meals you receive are of high food quality. Users can rate their meals, helping Forkable’s lunch robot make better meal and restaurant suggestions in the future. 

Meals are highly customizable. Forkable enables members to set up their accounts according to their dietary restrictions and preferences. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, or you want to weed out food allergens such as peanuts, Forkable’s platform caters to your lunch needs. The ability to customize meals also enables employees to have their lunch made with gluten free bread or remove the cheese, giving people with restrictive diets more options than ever.

Forkable does the thinking. If you’re a busy person and forget to order a lunch, Forkable has you covered. With its machine learning tools, Forkable takes note of individual preferences, restrictions, and tastes, then automatically chooses individual lunches for each employee. If you choose, you can also have the algorithm automatically place lunch orders. Everyone will still be free to change their lunch selection from the algorithm’s suggestion, but if anyone ever forgets to order a lunch they’ll still receive a healthy meal that fits their needs.

Want to try Forkable for your team? Sign up for a commitment-free trial today.

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